A Safe and Secure Business

When it comes to having a safe and secure business, it’s never been more important. A safe workplace is essential, whichever sector you operate in, keeping your employees safe is paramount. Studies have shown that a safe and secure company has a better productivity output than one that isn’t protected, it’s also important to note that health and safety isn’t just important for employees it also comes with a range of benefits for employers.

If you are considering practical health and safety or online safety, there are a number of regulations that have been put into place as standard by HSE, these are to ensure that employers keep to good standards in your workplace. We take a look at some of the top tips for guaranteeing the safety of your business.

Business Security

In those companies where colleagues tend to work early in the morning or later at night, they will need extra security at the premises during these times. Having shutters installed is also a great idea, they can help to protect your business during busy times as well as providing extra protection over weekends, this is especially important when it comes to protecting your equipment and your business possessions.

Utilising extra security measures such as magnetic locks is also a great idea, then can be placed at entrance and exit doors of your premises and will also be beneficial when it comes to your employees who may visit different rooms in the office or leave certain areas unattended.


Having CCTV installed at your business premises comes with the potential to deter any trespassers or burglars, this will help to prevent crimes such as burglary or vandalism. In the case of a crime being committed, the recordings of the CCTV equipment will help the police to catch the vandals and charge them. CCTV camera fittings are also great as they will help employers to feel safe especially when it comes to businesses like pubs, clubs and shops.

Data Protection

Ensuring that your data has been stored safely and securely couldn’t be more important these days, especially when it comes to keeping your data safe, this includes sales data, employee data and customer data. GDPR has meant that businesses need to consider a range of rules and regulations when it comes to sharing and storing information and data, using programmes that will ensure safe and secure storage for your company information are another great way to reinforce data protection.

Online Safety

In this day and age, technology is the centre of everything and our employees are becoming much more technologically advanced, this also includes online safety. It’s important for colleagues to know how to spot insecure items, it can literally only take one click and one bad link to be clicked and then your whole system goes down. Unprotected online servers can result in negative consequences for your business and customers, especially if customer data hasn’t been stored properly or securely.