Things To Do If You Are Burgled

It is improbable that you will encounter a thief breaking into your home, as most break-ins happen when a house is vacant. Despite this fact, you should in any case be ready for the worst possible outcome imaginable; did you realise that in over 28% of robberies, someone is believed to be within the house when the robbery occurs? This can be a very damaging encounter for the individual inside, and you probably won’t recognise what to do in the event that it happens. In this blog, we will plot what you ought to do if your property is burgled.

During The Burglary

Try To Find A Safe Place Outside

Your first choice ought to always be to attempt to get away; ordinarily, the criminal will need to be in and out of your property as fast as could be expected under the circumstances and will utilise the simplest route accessible to them. In most cases, they will attempt to exit through the nearest door (usually the back door), after they check the rooms upstairs, so you should attempt to dodge this course if possible. We don’t advise coming toe-to-toe with a thief, as no one can tell what will occur. Nothing that they take from your house merits taking a chance with your life.

Activate Your Alarm System

If you can make it to your alarm system, you should definitely set it off; it can be extremely useful to have a panic button that will set the alarms off. If you trigger the alarm, the burglar will probably be spooked and exit the property as quickly as possible. This is because any loud noises will bring attention to your home and the burglar does not want that.

Hide and Call The Police

If you are unable to get out of the house, then you should hide and try to call the police; bring your mobile phone and try to get somewhere safe, ideally somewhere you can either lock the door or barricade yourself inside. When you have managed to hide, call 999 and tell them that you are in your house and a burglary is currently taking place. We understand that it will be very hard to stay calm and explain what is happen quickly, but you need to try. If you feel that speaking or making noise will endanger yourself, or give your hiding position away, stay quiet and press 55; this alerts the police that you need urgent help but cannot make a noise. When you have done this, keep the line open so that they can hear what is happening and wait for the police to arrive. Hopefully, they will catch the burglar in the act or at the very least, make them run off.

After The Burglary

Change Your Locks

After the burglary takes place, we strongly recommend burglary repairs and changing the locks on your property. Call a local locksmith and find out how quickly they can come out and change your locks. If you call an emergency locksmith they should be able to come and help very quickly.

If you have been the victim of a burglary and require your locks changing, the team here at East London Locks can help. You can give us a call on 020 8980 4091 to speak to one of our emergency locksmiths.